“You can have results or you can have your excuses. You cannot have both.”

“I am a national level NPC figure competitor. I worked with Travis for my recent prep for the 2009 USA’s Pro-Qualifying show. This was by far the easiest and most successful prep I have ever gone through. My body fat was the lowest it has ever been and my lean muscle loss was very minimal. My strength and energy levels were also very consistent which I never thought possible until now.”

Rene Racicot

Amateur Bodybuilder

“The biggest improvements that I noticed from training over the summer off-season with Travis is my foot speed and reaction time are much better than before. My strength levels in my prescribed college program’s core lifts also increased substantially. My back squat has gone up 40 lbs., bench press 25 lbs., and I learned how to hang clean safely and effectively. I also feel a lot healthier throughout my entire body, especially my lower back.” – Brent Koontz- Fullback, Southern Oregon University

Brent Koontz

“I have noticed a significant increase in my strength, recovery time, agility, quickness, overall speed, but most of all, balance. It amazes me how when I would be out playing I would catch myself and my body would react a lot more efficiently because my balance had improved so much and there was less wasted movement.”
“I hit .350 with 4 home runs last year, and this year I hit .386 with 6 home runs (YOU CALLED IT!) and was 1st Team All-Conference for the second straight year.” – Erik Underwood- Outfielder, Yuba City College

Erik Underwood

“When I started working with Travis I weighed 215 lbs. and was labeled a high health risk by my physician. After 7 months of hard training and smart dieting I now weigh 135 lbs., I no longer have Sleep Apnea, my blood sugar and LDL Cholesterol levels are below normal, and this is the lowest weight I have been in more than twenty years!” – Angie Christensen- Registered Nurse

Angie Christensen

“After a couple of months of training, I’ve noticed an amazing difference in my athletic abilities. Because of the speed ladder drills and specific speed training, my foot speed has increased dramatically when I’m running the bases, allowing me to accelerate quicker and reach my top speed faster. The plyometric exercises and Olympic lifting have increased my explosiveness and overall power so my first step is quicker than it has ever been. I haven’t had the opportunity to measure my 40-yard dash or vertical jump, but I feel that both have improved an unbelievable amount. Lastly, the upper body plyometric drills have allowed me to swing a bat quicker and with more power than I have ever felt, and my arm strength while throwing has improved as well. For baseball players, arm strength is always a hard thing to improve in a short period of time, so for me to be able to throw the ball with more velocity in less than 16 weeks is amazing.” – Scott Underwood- Infielder, Yuba City College

Scott Underwood

“I’ve been training with Travis for over a year, and its definitely helped. Being stronger and more agile has helped my skiing and tennis game both improve. In skiing, I qualified for the Junior Olympics. I owe a large part of my success last season to Travis and his training.” – Taylor Elicequi- Tennis-Skiing, Galena High School

Taylor Elicequi

“Your training definitely allowed me to reach a new level of speed and strength that I had never witnessed before. All the hard work paid off and the numbers show it.” – Nick Zissis- Lacrosse and Basketball, Bishop-Manogue High School

Nick Zissis

“To date, I have lost 52 lbs. while working with Travis. Another big accomplishment for me has been fully curing my chronic patellar tendonitis and dislocation condition. This is all due to daily compliance with Travis’s corrective exercise program and training methods.” – Jamie Jackson- Insurance Agent

Jamie Jackson

“I got stronger, faster, healthier, and much more educated on training while working with Travis over the summer. This is hands down the funniest most rewarding program I have ever been involved in and I recommend it to any athlete who wants to take their performance to the next level.” – Jarrod Faust- Running Back, Feather River Community College

Jarrod Faust

“The corrective program has definitely helped me with recovering from this minor injury. When I first got injured I was not able to keep the swelling down and I was not able to practice. I was feeling uncomfortable with every step and running the court was something I was trying to avoid due to feeling popping around my knee. Well now I’m about 90% and sometimes I feel like I’m 100%, it depends on the day. I went from not practicing to being able to perform most of the week at a pretty high rate.” – Olek Czyz- Small Forward, University of Nevada-Reno

Olek Czyz

“My bench has gone from 195 to 220 lbs. and my squat has gone from 295 to 380 lbs. while training with Travis for 7 months. It’s funny because no matter what I tried in training with my coaches at Manogue I was unable to press over 200 lbs. I have also improved my 40 time, I am a little quicker, and I can definitely jump higher than I could before.” – Bryce Spring- Offensive Linemen, Bishop- Manogue High School

Bryce Spring