• Reno Speed School

    Speed school combines the expert instruction and professional equipment needed for those athletes who are serious about improving their athletic performance. Designed for ages 12 and above, participants have seen significant testing improvements in areas such as vertical leap, 40 yard dash, overall strength and more.

  • World Class Facility

    Located within the South Reno Athletic Club, partipants will have access to dedicated training space and gain access to the areas premiere athletic facilities.  The combination of knowledgeable instruction, dedicated space and gym access provides participants with everything they need for success.

    World Class Facility
  • Training Motivation

    “You can have results or you can have your excuses. You cannot have both.'” – Unknown

    Training Motivation


“After training with both the Cincinnati Bengals and University of Nevada strength staffs, and also Athletes Performance, which could arguably have the best athletic trainers in the country.  I feel strongly that Travis has the knowledge and the ability to easily compare to all three.  Within a few short weeks Travis improved my flexibility, improved my knowledge of both nutrition and recovery, and was a pleasure to work with.  Its great to know that I’ve found a trainer for a long time to come.”

Jeff Rowe

Quarterback, New England Patriots

“As an NFL athlete I’ve trained all over America and working with Travis, his hands on approach, challenged me as an athlete. His knowledge, passion, and work ethic is amazing. I recommend Travis to anyone who aspires to reach their athletic goals.

Josh Barrett

Special teams specialist-Safety, New England Patriots

“I have lost 93 lbs. in 6 months, my lower back no longer hurts when I exercise, and I have not sprained or rolled my ankle since I started working with Travis regularly, which is a first for me.  Being an expert dieter, I have trialed several other weight/fat loss programs over the years, but to no avail, unfortunately.  Some of these include LA weight loss, Jenny Craig, Physicians, Nutritionists, and other local trainers, but nothing was nearly as productive, effective, and as fun as Travis’ model of training.”

Becca Ornsby


“I am a national level NPC figure competitor. I worked with Travis for my recent prep for the 2009 USA’s Pro-Qualifying show. This was by far the easiest and most successful prep I have ever gone through. My body fat was the lowest it has ever been and my lean muscle loss was very minimal. My strength and energy levels were also very consistent which I never thought possible until now.”

Rene Racicot

Amateur Bodybuilder